Chocolate Fudge – Dairy & Gluten Free

Ever had a big craving for chocolate? This chocolate fudge is heavenly.. you can make the naturally slightly bitter or sweet version, depending on your mood. I always opt for using honey rather than sugar as well as flax-eggs instead of regular eggs.   Serves 8 Preparation Time 20 mins Cooking Time 30 mins   … Continue reading Chocolate Fudge – Dairy & Gluten Free


Fig Bar – Gluten Free & Dairy Free

Want a different type of healthy snack for your mid-morning? I like trying different versions of snack bars; be it oat bars, protein bars and nut bars. Today I baked some fig bars and they are so delicious and guilt free that you'd simply want to continue eating them. They do require some time to … Continue reading Fig Bar – Gluten Free & Dairy Free

Gluten, Dairy and Nightshade Free Beef Burgers

Fast foods never step foot in our household; however that does not stop us from eating the healthy version of fast foods. These beef burgers are so fresh and delicious that you simply would not want them to finish. The best thing about them is that they are totally guilt free and actually healthy! The … Continue reading Gluten, Dairy and Nightshade Free Beef Burgers

Cacao Chestnuts

During winter, after a hard day at work followed by a busy evening of home works, cooking and house chores, I love to wind down by warming up a bowl of Cacao Chestnuts. I usually make a lot that will last me a week, so that I can spoil myself within minutes during weekdays. For … Continue reading Cacao Chestnuts

Baked Chestnuts

A healthy wintry snack is chestnuts. It takes some patience to make a cut through their shell, but once baked they are hearty and addictive!   Baked Chestnuts   Ingredients   500g of raw chestnuts, shell on   Method Make a cross-shaped cut in the widest part of each chestnut. Place in a baking dish, … Continue reading Baked Chestnuts

Cherry Cheese Cake

Cherry Cheese Cake This cheese cake is delicious and guilt-free! I would not have believed that I could eat such a good cheese cake again when I was told I could not have cow’s milk and gluten! The good news is that everyone likes it, and when my kids eat it I don’t feel bad … Continue reading Cherry Cheese Cake

Garlic Honey Mayo

This mayo is so versatile that it works with many dishes, be it chicken, veg or even sandwiches. Once again, it only takes a few minutes to prepare and can be stored in the fridge for a couple of months and more.   Ingredients 500ml of Mayo 3 large garlic cloves, or 6 small ones … Continue reading Garlic Honey Mayo