My Nightshade Free BBQ and Tomato Sauces

When I discovered that I had to give up nightshades I was disappointed and felt at a loss way more than when I had to give up gluten and cow’s milk. You can substitute gluten in several ways, cow’s milk with goat’s milk, however how can you substitute a BBQ Sauce or a tasty Tomato Sauce?? Living in the Mediterranean, Mediterranean cuisine is something I grew up in and most of the vegetables making up this cuisine are actually nightshades! However, I wasn’t going to give up so easily and I actually wanted to challenge my situation and prove that anything can be achieved with positivity!

Therefore today I am happily going to share the recipes for a delicious nightshade free BBQ sauce and Tomato Sauce. Yes life will be much simpler if we could just open a can of tomato sauce or squeeze in some store-bought BBQ sauce, however it’s useless crying over spilled milk. The good thing about these sauces is that the nightshade-free tomato sauce is actually the base for the BBQ Sauce, so you’ll be actually hitting two birds with one stone! Also you can cook up a batch and freeze them in portions. This way they would be readily available when you want to toss them in with your pizza, pasta, chicken, meatballs, drumsticks, ribs … the list is endless. Most days I simply use these sauces for all the family and my kids love them too, they do not miss the actual tomato sauce. It saves me time from having to cook a nightshade and a nightshade-free dish in parallel! Everyone knows what a ‘joy’ it is having to clean up after cooking multiple dishes. 🙂

Let’s start with the Tomato Sauce


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