Aloe Vera – Natural Moisturizer from your Garden.

Not sure whether having an overly sensitive skin is part and parcel of having food intolerances; however I happen to be one of those people whose skin will object the instance that I change a face product or even my shower gel! The best moisturiser I found for night time is nothing more than pure aloe vera gel. It’s totally natural and although it doesn’t smell of roses, the smell will disappear within seconds. The only downside is that you have to make it fresh every week and keep refrigerated, however, it only takes 5 minutes tops to make and it’s healing properties greatly out- weigh  its downside.

Ingredients/ Tools

A leave of aloe vera plant

A small bowl

A sharp knife

Stick blender


Cut a leave from an aloe vera plant. Hold it down onto a chopping board and carefully cut along its side to cut out the tiny thorns on its sides. Then slide the knife just above the bottom layer of its green skin. Do the same on the other side to end up with its transparent gel. Place this gel into a small bowl or container and blend for a minute or so until the gel foams up.


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