I am a working mother of 2 young mischievous boys, with a passion to create and promote healthy home cooking for my family and friends. I spent most of my life suffering from severe migraines and my pains eventually extended also to cramps and heavy fatigue. Blood tests were all normal but after several tests and consultant visits, I learnt that you do not need to be diagnosed as being Coeliac to have a gluten intolerance. In addition to gluten, I was told that I had to eliminate Cow’s milk, nightshades (mainly consisting of potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, chili, paprika, eggplant) and eggs from my diet! I thought ‘Oh Boy’ what on earth shall I eat, lettuce and water?! I can assure you that my adaptation to my new diet regime didn’t happen overnight, however it worked, as eventually the symptoms stopped, my energy levels shot up and I felt that i had a new life and could give more energy to my kids.

Weekday cooking time is limited, so I wanted to be able to prepare meals which were great for me and the whole family at once, whilst ensuring that nutritious and delicious food was still on the menu. Through passionate research and hundreds of recipes later, today I am cooking meals that not only meet my dietary limitations, but also satisfy the strong appetite and nutritional demand of a family of four. This motivated me to share my passion as well as my recipes with like minded home cooks who share my passion and maybe some of my dietary limitations.

For people like me…eating out is close to impossible right? Most menus fail to cater for a combination of intolerances. A restaurant might have a gluten free pizza, but one without cow’s mozarella and tomato sauce is hard to find! Hands on heart I can say that I do not miss restaurant food any longer.

Yes, I do miss the luxury of being able to take a night off from cooking, but with some planning I have learnt to get around that too.

I am looking forward to sharing my recipes and ideas with you within the coming days as my blog takes shape! Follow my blog and together we can explore the world of healthier eating, efficient cooking and enjoy food to the max even if we have to give up some of the world’s tastiest ingredients 🙂