Chocolate Fudge – Dairy & Gluten Free

Ever had a big craving for chocolate? This chocolate fudge is heavenly.. you can make the naturally slightly bitter or sweet version, depending on your mood. I always opt for using honey rather than sugar as well as flax-eggs instead of regular eggs.   Serves 8 Preparation Time 20 mins Cooking Time 30 mins   … Continue reading Chocolate Fudge – Dairy & Gluten Free


Fig Bar – Gluten Free & Dairy Free

Want a different type of healthy snack for your mid-morning? I like trying different versions of snack bars; be it oat bars, protein bars and nut bars. Today I baked some fig bars and they are so delicious and guilt free that you'd simply want to continue eating them. They do require some time to … Continue reading Fig Bar – Gluten Free & Dairy Free

Baked Chestnuts

A healthy wintry snack is chestnuts. It takes some patience to make a cut through their shell, but once baked they are hearty and addictive!   Baked Chestnuts   Ingredients   500g of raw chestnuts, shell on   Method Make a cross-shaped cut in the widest part of each chestnut. Place in a baking dish, … Continue reading Baked Chestnuts

Oat Cake OR Granola

Winter makes us want to nibble more often so I always make sure to have a bunch of healthy snacks around. For this reason I became a big fan of bulk-cooking and freezing. Today I realized that I am running low on my favorite work-day snack .. the Oat Cake / Granola. It is very … Continue reading Oat Cake OR Granola

Home Baked Nuts

I’m sharing this post more for the idea/ option rather than for the method as it’s totally fool proof. Home-baked nuts are super quick and easy but a healthy protein snack to have in hand. I prefer baking my own rather than getting store-bought ones to enable me choose my favorite nut-mix, plus most store-bought … Continue reading Home Baked Nuts

Coconut Balls

Makes 12 balls Preparation 20 mins Ingredients 150g desiccated coconuts 1/3 cup coconut oil ¼ cup coconut flour ¼ cup cacao powder 1 cup dairy free condensed milk **   ** Dairy Free Condensed Milk – basically bring 1 cup of coconut milk to a slow boil, then whisk in 4 tbsp honey and simmer … Continue reading Coconut Balls


I have a sweet-tooth; however I avoid sugar as much as possible and therefore I am constantly experimenting on new recipes. Early Sunday mornings is usually my favorite time of the week to do this. I wake up before my husband and my kids, to get started on some baking so that they will wake … Continue reading Brownies