Aloe Vera – Natural Moisturizer from your Garden.

Not sure whether having an overly sensitive skin is part and parcel of having food intolerances; however I happen to be one of those people whose skin will object the instance that I change a face product or even my shower gel! The best moisturiser I found for night time is nothing more than pure … Continue reading Aloe Vera – Natural Moisturizer from your Garden.


Nightshade Free BBQ Ribs

Nightshade Free  BBQ Ribs This dish is so easy and quick to make that it makes a perfect finger licking weekday dinner. It takes under 5 minutes to prepare, then simply let the oven do the rest. Ingredients Rack of Ribs per person 1 to 1 ½ cups of my nightshade free BBQ sauce per … Continue reading Nightshade Free BBQ Ribs

Oat Cake OR Granola

Winter makes us want to nibble more often so I always make sure to have a bunch of healthy snacks around. For this reason I became a big fan of bulk-cooking and freezing. Today I realized that I am running low on my favorite work-day snack .. the Oat Cake / Granola. It is very … Continue reading Oat Cake OR Granola

Home Baked Nuts

I’m sharing this post more for the idea/ option rather than for the method as it’s totally fool proof. Home-baked nuts are super quick and easy but a healthy protein snack to have in hand. I prefer baking my own rather than getting store-bought ones to enable me choose my favorite nut-mix, plus most store-bought … Continue reading Home Baked Nuts

Coconut Balls

Makes 12 balls Preparation 20 mins Ingredients 150g desiccated coconuts 1/3 cup coconut oil ¼ cup coconut flour ¼ cup cacao powder 1 cup dairy free condensed milk **   ** Dairy Free Condensed Milk – basically bring 1 cup of coconut milk to a slow boil, then whisk in 4 tbsp honey and simmer … Continue reading Coconut Balls


I have a sweet-tooth; however I avoid sugar as much as possible and therefore I am constantly experimenting on new recipes. Early Sunday mornings is usually my favorite time of the week to do this. I wake up before my husband and my kids, to get started on some baking so that they will wake … Continue reading Brownies

Shredded Curry Chicken

This recipe is convenient as can be prepared beforehand making it convenient when having guests or even for you. I especially like to prepare this recipe to use it for packed lunches combined with either some rice or boiled vegetables. It actually tastes better the day after! Shredded Curry Chicken Serves 4 Preparation Time 30 … Continue reading Shredded Curry Chicken